The Return

Seth is set a task to look after Josie, ever since Seth gave his life to the gods he does their bidding for them. Josie has no idea what the hot guys problem was but he was really freaking her out. Will Josie survive the upcoming events? Is Seth going to be able to protect … More The Return


Dying sucks, Ember was in an accident with her dad and her gifted little sister brought her back but couldn’t reach their dad quick enough. Ever since the accident everything Ember touches dies, she has to learn to control her gift and Hayden wants to help her. What if the accident wasn’t an accident? First … More Cursed


By the amazing writer Jennifer L. Armentrout, the Covenant books are a great series and I strongly recommend them to young teens and above. Alexandria must defeat a god, become a God Killer and survive so she can have her happily ever after with her true love Aiden St. Delphi, in the end Alex must … More Sentinel


Apollyon is written by the amazing author Jennifer L. Armentrout who makes it feel like you are in the story. Alex has Awoken and become the Apollyon and then connected to Seth, her greatest fear has become real but Aiden St Delphi’s love for Alex might be enough to make her fight the connection. The … More Apollyon


Jennifer L. Armentrout is an amazing writer I feel like I am actually there experiencing the story, I find it hard to find really good writers and when I find them I will find all there books and read them. Deity is a series of 5 Half-blood, Pure, Deity, Apollyon and Sentinel. I made a … More Deity


Onyx is the book two of the Lux novels, i enjoyed onyx because it is something new and not the regular vampire or werewolf. Being connected to Daemon Black really isn’t Katy’s fancy, but something is up with the DOD will they find out what is going on before its too late? Jennifer L. Armentrout … More Onyx