The Crown

When Princess Eadlyn started the Selection she didn’t think she would fall in love with any of her thirty-five suitors but her heart does end up falling in love with an unexpected suitor. Kiera Cass definetly made this story go against the odds and have an unexpected twist but I still don’t like how it … More The Crown

The Heir

Princess Eadlyn has to go through with her very own Selection! Eadlyn cannot escape it no matter what she does. One particular entry just might capture her heart and rule by her side. I didn’t mind this story and I liked how Kiera Cass changed the story so it was a princess who was hosting … More The Heir

The One

America has a lot of threats from outside and within the castle, she wants Maxon and loves him but she is not sure if she will win. The only thing left to do is fight! I absolutely love this book and I want to say Thank you Kiera Cass for making such an amazing series. … More The One

The Elite

America’s feelings for Maxon are growing, Ex-lover Aspen awaits her in the shadows. America has to make a decision of Maxon or Aspen. How will she choose and who? This is story was quite intense, the Challenge, stress and the funny parts contribute to an amazing story. I don’t want to say my favourite part because … More The Elite

The Selection

America Singer has grown up always struggling for food, then she is chosen for the Selection and everything she knows will be turned upside down. Will she go back to her life or will she fight for Maxon ? I really liked this book, the way it is written it encourages you to read more. … More The Selection

The Siren

Kahlen is a siren and she found a boy that she is meant to be with the only problem is the Ocean. Sirens are trapped to serve the Ocean for 100 years then they can go on with their life. I really liked this book mainly because it was a classic love story, they meet, … More The Siren