The Damned

The hunters are at war, Jenn being the new leader of the group, Jenn’s sister has been converted, Antonio has changed and Eriko is hiding things. Jenn has to lead her team into battle. I liked this story and it is written really well, I don’t have a favourite part mainly because this story is … More The Damned


Each pack want to destroy the other but if they spill one more drop of blood the hellhounds will destroy them all. Katelyn is stuck with task to save them all or die with them or she can simply get up and leave. I loved this book, my favourite part was when Trick tells Katelyn … More Savage

The Cursed Ones

Vampires have taken over, they must stop them. Jenn has been training to become a hunter so she can defend humanity from those who wish to destroy it. Jenn has become close to Antonio even though he is a vampire and it is hard for Antonio to resist the urge to bite Jenn. I like … More The Cursed Ones

Hot Blooded

There is some trouble stirring within the packs. Cordelia is now married to a rival pack, Katelyn is struggling to gain control of herself and to make matters worse the werewolf that made katelyn into one is still on the loose and a mystery. I loved this book and I don’t have a favorite part … More Hot Blooded


Katelyn has to move to wolf springs to live with her grandfather because her mother was killed, her grandfather is the only living relative. This town has some secrets some of them are more crazy than others. I don’t have a favorite part because I love the whole story. Nancy and Debby are great authors, … More Unleashed