Queen of Shadows

Celaena has come back to Rifthold, she is here to get her revenge from her former master! When she returns to Rifthold it isn’t as a slave but as a free woman, those who hurt her on the way should watch their backs because she will always be watching.   I absolutely loved this book, … More Queen of Shadows


Eureka has cried! Now she must figure out how to save the world. It will only take a tear but will it be from sadness or from joy? Only Eureka can decide the fate of the world. I finally got my hands on this one, I loved it! There is only one thing I didn’t … More Waterfall

One Italian Summer

Pip, Shannon, Riley and Aidan head over to Italy for a trip. They pull their kids out of school and quit their jobs. They joined an organisation called the WWOOFers, the WWOOFers would be hosted by a family and you would farm and learn the different traditions. I really loved this Non-Fiction book and personally … More One Italian Summer

The Crown

When Princess Eadlyn started the Selection she didn’t think she would fall in love with any of her thirty-five suitors but her heart does end up falling in love with an unexpected suitor. Kiera Cass definetly made this story go against the odds and have an unexpected twist but I still don’t like how it … More The Crown

The Heir

Princess Eadlyn has to go through with her very own Selection! Eadlyn cannot escape it no matter what she does. One particular entry just might capture her heart and rule by her side. I didn’t mind this story and I liked how Kiera Cass changed the story so it was a princess who was hosting … More The Heir

Heir Of Fire

Consumed with guilt and rage, Celaena can’t bring herself to spill blood for the king of Adarlan. The Immoral Queen will help Celaena for a price! Who will stand with her? Will Celaena win her battles? I really enjoyed this story and would definitely read this series again (I want to try new books so … More Heir Of Fire